Prescription Medication for Weight Loss

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Prescription Medication for Weight Loss

Medication to Support Your Goals

Prescription Medication To Help You Reach Your Goals

ShapePro goes above other programs and supports your weight loss goals with prescription medication. If prescribed, high quality weight loss medication can support your diet and exercise to help you reach your goals.

Prescription Weight Loss Medication

ShapePro Pill Pack

Natural Appetite Suppressant

Included to help regulate appetite, curb cravings, and balance major neurotransmitters.

Dopamine Support

Formulated with green tea extract to help support the production of natural dopamine.

Carnitine Support

Helps you maintain steady energy levels, and assists you in improving memory, learning, and staying focused. 

One Price, Everything Included

BodyLogicMD believes in all-inclusive wellness programs. That means your medications, supplies, testing, shipping, and consultations related to the program are included in one monthly recurring price. One price, we promise.*

*Your practitioner may recommend products or optional services they think will benefit you that do not fall within the regularly scheduled program price.

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