Sexual Wellness
For Women – Reclaim Your Sex Life

Over 15 years of integrative medical care.
Over 100,000 men and women served.
One Price, Everything Included.

Reclaim Your Sex Life

– Over 15 years of integrative medical care.
– Over 100,000 men and women served.
– One Price, Everything Included.

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Sexual Wellness

Reclaim Your Sex Life

You deserve a healthy sex life. The Sexual Wellness program for women is a comprehensive solution designed to meet your body’s most intimate needs to help you make sex the best it can be. By pairing hormone medications with targeted nutraceuticals, this personalized treatment may improve blood flow, restore desire, and increase comfort with natural lubrication.


Consult with a sexual health practitioner via telehealth in the privacy of your home


Address symptoms with quick dissolve tablets and gels


Increase sex drive, rekindle intimacy, and enhance pleasure

Sexual Wellness for Women

The thoughtfully curated components of Sexual Wellness for Women may help:

  • Alleviate uncomfortable vaginal dryness
  • Eliminate painful intercourse
  • Enhance sexual desire and satisfaction

How does it work

1. Testing Sent Right to Your Door

All the testing methods your practitioner needs to measure how your body is changing are sent right to your door, and testing can be completed easily and safely within the comfort of your home.

2. Telehealth Consultation Bring The Practitioner’s Office to You

Experience the convenience of a telehealth consultation with your practitioner. It’s just like an office visit, except you never have to leave your home.

3. Sexual Wellness Ships to Your Door

The program ships right from the pharmacy to your door, allowing you to get started on the program as quickly as possible.

One Price, Everything Included

BodyLogicMD believes in all-inclusive wellness programs. That means your medications, supplies, testing, shipping, and consultations related to the program are included in one monthly recurring price. One price, we promise.*

*Your practitioner may recommend products or optional services they think will benefit you that do not fall within the regularly scheduled program price.

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Headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, BodyLogicMD has provided industry-leading integrative medical care for over 15 years, with more than 100,000 men and women served. With transparent pricing, precise laboratory testing, and high quality treatments, see why so many people have entrusted BodyLogicMD with their health and wellness.

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